Eufy Home Alarm System Tweaks

I read that the Homebase 2 is not very loud for the home alarm system, but I also read the outdoor camera sirens are quite loud. I also read that the siren on the Homebase 1 is loud. So I have two ideas I’m wondering about.

  1. Can the Homebase 1 be used with the home alarm system?
  2. Can the home alarm system be setup to also trigger the outdoor camera sirens in the event of a break-in?

If idea 1 would work, hopefully Homebase 1’s siren is loud enough to scare off an intruder.

If idea 2 would work, then the sound of loud outdoor sirens from the eufyCams may be even better at running off intruders.

If idea 1 and 2 can be combined, I think that would be an even better setup, having the benefit from a loud indoor siren as well as outdoor ones.

Has anyone tried anything like this? If so, what has been your experience so far?


Awesome! That’s good to know. Thank you.

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Number 2 is definitely possible. So what I did is to automate the outdoor Eufycams to record if the Homebase alarm is triggered. In this way, when someone trips an alarm, all alarms go on.

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Eufy cam 2c alarm volume is crap. Homebase 2 has pretty good volume to be honest.

How many cameras do you have set up for this homebase? More than 4?

1 Battery doorbell (now it works!)
2 Eufycams
2 Entry Sensors
1 Motion Sensor

All connected to a Homebase 1

Hmm okay, thinking of adding a 2 pro in September, then I’m at 4 cams and a doorbell. Been hearing things that only 4 cams can be coupled with a homebase 2, instead of 16 advertised :confused:

Sorry for hijacking the thread, this is my last post here.

Nice! I think I may set mine up similar to that. There are quite a few setup options. I like that. Two door sensors arrived with DOA batteries, so I have to remedy that before an customizing.

I’m running 7 cameras with a homebase 2.

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What is the first part of your serial number, T8010?
I see they have a set on sale in Germany with four eufycams and a battery doorbell, so it must be possible to have more than four cams. Maybe it’s to do with the model (T8010).

Yes, as cemoxim stated.
It’s strange he has 7 cams, which is almost double the ‘recommended’ amount. It gives me hope that I can safely add another camera.