Eufy floodlight night vision

I installed 2 floodlights yesterday. At the night one of the camera looks like blur and cannot see anything while the other one is perfectly fine. No idea what happened. Anyone can help is very appreciated.

@mai192 Make sure to remove the plastic (just checking, lol) and see if there’s anything else on the lens (fingerprint, moisture, etc.).

No the lense is fine. The streaming is perfect at the day time and at night when the light is on. Only doesn’t work with the night vision

@mai192 Oh that’s good to know that it works all the other times. Looking at the photo, my only other guess is the infrared lights are reflecting off of something (wall, roof, fence, window, etc), which is distorting the image. Is the camera located near anything?

Not really near anything apart from the wall it is attached to. Where is the infrared light?

@mai192 I believe they’re near the camera, but I haven’t check mine in a while (since my lights stay on from dusk/dawn).

One quick check is to turn off the “Auto Night Vision”. Make sure there is some type of lighting in the background (not from the floodlight). Then check out the live view and see what it looks like.