Eufy Floodlight Cam purple/brown/red tint to image

Recently purchased a Eufy Floodlight Cam, image looks ok but there’s a purple’ish, red/brown tint to the image.

Compared to our also recently purchased Eufy wireless camera’s which are clear and the image looks natural and in the right colours.

@Cadenza I have 4 Eufy Floodlight cameras, along with several other Eufy cameras…and yes, in my opinion, the floodlight cameras are a little darker (like a tint) compared to the rest of them. In the evening, when the lights turn on, they look great…but during the day, there is a difference.

My guess is that they are at their optimal performance in “lighted” conditions. Can anyone else confirm or share their experiences with color quality in the Eufy floodlight cameras?


I don’t have the Eufy floodlight cameras but I used to have a similar product when I lived back at my parents.
The camera there looked terrible in the day but at night was great. I think this was due to the camera not being able to change its white balance during the day as it was optimised to work in dark conditions or man made bright light from the floodlight, not natural normal day light.

We once needed to use the footage it had recorded so I saved it to my iPhone and changed up the video in a video editing app. This made. everything a little better

This isn’t the fix you’re wanting but It was a work around.

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