Eufy Floodlight Cam offline

I am beginning to experience the same issue with the floodlight being offline. I have checked my wifi connection and it is stable and working. The camera worked well for 2 days and I can’t get on a ladder to reset this thing. Any other solutions?

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Same Problem… Noone from Anker / Eufy Willing to Come back with solutions. Very Bad!!!

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Had the same issue with mine today after having to turn off and then on the power to my house due to building works.

After some troubleshooting on my home network to figure out why mine was staying as “offline”, it turns out my Eufy Floodlight Camera was trying to use the same IP address as another device i have on my home network, therefore the floodlight would never connect to my wifi as my wifi network would kick the floodlight camera off as the IP address its trying to use its already in-use.

To resolve this, i turned all my home devices off. Go to my home router where the DHCP settings are and create a new DHCP range within the same network, power on the eufy floodlight and then the device would obtain a new IP address. Once connected, i changed my DHCP settings on my router back to what it was previously.

For those who are not IT technical minded, i would suggest you just turn all you home wifi AND cabled network devices off and only allow your eufy camera on it in order to re-establish the connectivity with the IP address with no clash. Then turn other devices in your house back on and hope for your other device which was clashing with the Eufy to then automatically obtain a new IP address.

It seems from my investigation that Eufy software coding is not clever enough to ask for a new ip address if/when there is a IP clash.

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