Eufy floodlight cam , dark video quality

Hi could anyone please tell me why my floodlight camaras image is so dark and anyway I could fix this.

I have exactly the same issue.

Very dark compared to mine friend who has the same floodlight. The second one even has the floodlight on.

It has the latest firmware installed.

I also noticed there is no video quality setting eg hdr, resolution etc compared to the doorbell.

@jul93 @tos29 I own 4 Eufy Floodlights and for the most part they are all on the darker side, especially during the day. However, they do work best at night. I’m not sure if this is by design or not…but they are completely different in video quality and lighting in comparisons to the Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pro.

Thanks for the feedback.

I just swapped it over from the ring flood light which was better in comparison in terms of the overall brighter image.

My friends one is much better image compared to mine.

Hi everyone!

I may not have solved the problem, but I did find a way to sleep MUCH better at night.

Instead of leaving the light on continuously, i switched my camera to motion detection. The light only comes in when someone is in range.

When you do this, the dark mode of firing comes on. It’s honestly best suited for night viewing this way. I have also watched neighborhood footage of someone walking up to a door, having the lights come on and having that person INSTANTLY walk away. They weren’t expecting a light to shine on them! Worked as a deterrent like a charm!

Since I also have a street light AND my porch light, having this camera set to motion is fine (if this is your only light, I would suggest adding a stable one not too far away if you feel it’s necessary to have the light going 100% of the time).

Pic 1: night vision

Pic 2: with light (it looks alright now, but I’ve seen it almost BLACK!)

I really think this is a lighting issue that the motion activated lighting will fix…and it WILL deter criminals!