Eufy Floodlight and 2C 2 Detecting Air Particles

Just picked up Eufy FloodLight and 2C 2kit , Having alot of false triggers with both. When I click on triggers it shows me alot of flying Particles, it’s not bugs because I can hold a flashlight to it, bot the Floodlight and 2C are Recording tiny particles flying in circular and Zig Zig Motions. Just Crazy.

Its not Snowing in NYC either :o/

Motion settings are on Medium.

Anyone else having this issue?

I just realized there is a misty fog outside, but this happen yesterday as well and there was no fog. How can mist set of sensor so often, My Ring never did that. I’m kind of regretting my purchase of 2k doorbell, Floodlight, and 2c 2kit with homebase 2. All of these items have issues. Its not my internet. as i have ran tests and all is good.