Eufy Floodlight 1080

I have an Asus Gaming router that’s also WiFi 6, but has 3 separate networks including a guest network. All on there own bands.

Anyhows will only work on guestnetwork, will connect to my main network but freezes out then goes offline permanently.

On the guest network will run flawless for about 5 minutes, as soon as you live view in the app say goodnight camera as it will be offline within minutes and stays offline untill you either kill the power to router or floodlight.

I tried different channels, portforwarding, rssi drop off and to the extreme of putting the thing in a DMZ. Nope offline withing minutes.

I can see it’s always connected to router from my dashboard and with a full signal at 70mbps TX and 30mbps Rx.

I have Ring, Blink, Hive, Google and Govee devics all round my home as well as tablets, phone, smart TVs.

On the plus side takes 20 Min to remove old light and install.

I would of tried a replacement but Amazon informed not possible and agent on the phone at Anker said your aware of this issue.