Eufy DUMB lock touch&wifi

So I recently purchased this “SMART” lock but it keeps locking without the door being close. is like its not “SMART” at all to determine wether the door is open or close and doing the “calibration” doesn’t help. it needs a built in window sensor so it can determine if the door is actually open or close is pretty embarrassing It almost cus damage to my door frame after getting all my groceries in the house went to close the door and the deadbolt was sticking out

Turn off autolock and it won’t do this. When setting autolock it states at the bottom that the lock will autolock after 3 minutes as a safety feature by design, and yes this is regardless if the door is locked or not.
I also would rather it not lock unless the door is closed, but they said it was for safety reasons…I will ask the developers if they can do a firmware update that gives users a choice to enable or disable that particular feature and see what they say.

Well, mine is always 3 minutes whether I set it to 1 second, 3 secinds, etc. Auto lock is a small issue which I can live with it but not able to reconnect itself (to home wifi) after either wifi dropped or it just disconnected itself is a big issue to me. Owning 2 smart touch locks and both got the same exact issues

I don’t know what to tell you about the locks not autreconnecting to the wifi, I using 3 of them and each one auto connects on its own when the wifi comes back up. 2 days ago we had a power outage for about 3 hours and once wifi was back up and running my locks auto reconnected.

May I ask for the name of your router and is your router got 2 separate SSID, one for 2.4 and another for 5?

Linksys MR7500 series, and yes It uses 3 separate channels. 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz, AND 6Ghz all separate