Eufy Dual Doorbell and Homebase 3

Well, now the 23rd of March and still no support. W.T.H. Eufy, do I have to return my houseful of Eufy equipment and go back to Arlo and upgrade that system. Shame on you!! $2k is still $2k that I can’t afford to waste.

It says “March”, which could be 31st March.

I’ll be grumpy if it goes into April, but I have an HB2 which runs my doorbell and my cameras are on HB3, so apart from a bit of extra power consumption, it’s not causing me that much bother.

If this stupid Homebase isn’t compatible with the dual cam doorbell in April I’m selling all this junk and going with something that works. All the hype and continued pushbacks are ridiculous. Do what you say or don’t do it at all. If you can’t keep your word to your customers then why should we be customers? Get it right Eufy.

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Now Late April 2023 !!

…and I suppose I’m grumpy then.

They should be publishing a statement really.

What a shame.

Going to contact them as often as I can to return the dual camera for the model before that’s compatible with the HB3.

Fingers crossed they let me.

It’s an absolute bloody joke at this point, it’s been pushed back multiple times already and was supposed to be supported around Nov/Dec last year.

Me to. Can’t believe they’ve put it off another month. People can say only for long “I’d prefer they get it right than get it out…”
Like telling Eufy "we’re ok with it as long as you get it right no matter how long it takes". That narrative is wearing thin after a while

It’s really annoying that this issue still not fixed!!
Since Dec I’ve been waiting to use this doorbell but I think I’ll have to wait forever. The last thing to do is to sell my whole eufy system and buy another system from deferent company.

Just to inform you guys: You can get 10% refund from HB3 price if you speak to the eufy team on the live chat. They try to give me the refund but unfortunately i bought my HB3 from another website ( not amazon or eufy store ).

Im having to run my Homebase 2 just for my 2k dual doorbell while running the 3 for everything else which is compatible. Im sure they will get there eventually. Its annoying but what can you do except keep chasing for the patch. Guessing that having dual cameras and interfacing to the BionicMind isnt straight forward. When installing the doorbell it auto configures to the Homebase 2 with my set-up. Looking forward to turning that device off sooner than later!

Hmm, latest update says Late April. I’ll hold onto it until, then return it promptly before the 30 day limit. False advertising, or at least deceptive, with their Amazon listing saying “ Compatible with Homebase 3 before May 2023.”

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Additional question - are there any additional functional differences between the old Doorbell Dualcam Pro and S330 Video Doorbell or is it just a rebranding? And is there a cabled version to be expected? As a summary of this thread - today, I have to buy a Dualcam + HB2 and order HB3 separately and wait for Eufy to fix the interop, right?

Hope it will be compatible soon with Homebase 3 soon.

I’ve been waiting since before Christmas! They should refund us our cost. This is insane.

Next week is the last week of April. What’s the bet that they will promulgate the software for
compatibility will now extend to the end of May. This is unconscionable!

WTH i ordered the HB3 with 2 dual pro’s and They are NOT compatible? What a bloody Shame EUFY! Get IT fixed get IT done ASAP. Support end (late) of april?

Here we are again. 26th April, which qualifies as “Late April”. Will we/won’t we get it?
Also, someone on reddit has pointed out the all the “wired” doorbells are now AWOL from the schedule.

If this gets pushed back again its going to be around the 4th or 5th time, just what the hell is going on?

If your going to pick a date at least pick one you can meet.


Doesn’t look good for the dual doorbell this month, they’ve just pushed out a homebase 3 update to support Video Smart Lock T8530 which was listed for late April as well. So unless they plan on pushing another firmware update out in under 4 days it’s going to be delayed once again.

Well at least they should be honest and make it clear that compatibility between the dual doorbell and Base 3 is not going to happen in the foreseeable future so we who purchased it can begin to sell this doorbell or return it and hope to get the money back or buy the base 2. To continually push out the date and maintain hope we will get the required software is unprofessional and deceitful.

They have on occasion posted 2-3 firmware updates in a week - so it may happen.

As any good dev will tell you, you’ve got to regression test - and with many devices, two homebases and two mobile platforms (with various versions) that’s quite an ask in some cases.

As I’ve said before (and I’m not a Eufy apologist) - they need to make sure that the dual doorbell can get a firmware which supports both HB2 and HB3, and the very different operating models - so it doesn’t knock out either set of owners. I’ve got both, so I’ll invariably have fun when it comes to seeing how it gets added (once updated).