Eufy Dual Doorbell and Homebase 3

So it’s been pushed back a 4th time, first the Homebase 3 was going to support the dual doorbell in November 2022, then around December, pushed back again to January 2023 and now March 2023! Is this a bloody joke or what?

Let’s be honest are you ever going to support it or keep pushing it back over and over until you release another doorbell that amazingly works with the Homebase 3?

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Same! Just purchased Dual Video doorbell and install 3C series cameras last week. All bought at same time, highly unfortunate that they do not connect! Can I even just set up the Dual Video Doorbell through some other workaround without having to purchase another HomeKit? Cameras purchased are already working perfectly on Homekit3

To be fair, it was “Q1 2023” then “Jan 2023” then back to “Mar 2023” - so you had hope, then back to the same. As I noted on Reddit, I suspect that:
a) They are concentrating on security
b) Given the 2K Dual Doorbell and HB2 use the feeds noted in the security leak and the Eufy Cam 3/HB3 use websocket/different feeds - they need to get it right - which will involve a well timed combo of bell AND HB firmware, which will have to support BOTH HB units, so you don’t get wiped out if on an HB2 / pending a move to HB3 etc.

As I purchased the new S330 cameras with home base 3 and the dual cam battery door bell, do,I keep the doorbell and hope Eufy get it sorted or do I return and wait till the “new” door bells comes out??? Slightly concerned and don’t want to blow the $350 the door bell set me back…….

I was checking the compatibility specs myself and was hoping to pair the doorbell with the homebase 3. It seems like the only way for now is having two homebases which is wasteful to say the least. It would be good to have some official info coming from Eufy to provide an ETA and some guidance on how to do the pairing once it’s ready.

Well, I noticed in the app today that there is a (sort of) trade-in for Homebase 2 users to get Homebase 3.
It says “trade-in” but then says “No need to return your HomeBase 2. Directly use the code below to get the all-new HomeBase 3!”

…and, RIGHT at the bottom of the page (scrolly scrolly) are two paragraphs:

Para 1 : Device Compatibility : “Compatible with all eufy Security devices*. Devices integrate to create a unified ecosystem”

The * leads to down to Para 2, which reads:

“* eufy Security is upgrading its products to be compatible with Homebase 3, except some wired video doorbells. Visit the eufy Support Center at eufy’s official website for more details”

The schedule page still lists the battery 2K dual doorbell as “March” : but all Wired doorbells are now “Pending” (inc the wired 2k doorbell).

So, if you’re a wired doorbell user and think “aha, trade-in” - at least you won’t “lose” your HomeBase 2 (not returned) you may need to keep your HB2…

Hey Guys, do we think it will be successful in March? I stupidly took down my traditional doorbell without knowing that the dual bell was not compatible. Now don’t know if I should just send it back and get the 2K doorbell so I don’t miss out on a return. Based on the fact its been pushed back for times already seems like another wouldnt be a surprise.

So, my 2K Dual Battery doorbell (still linked to Homebase 2) has developed a microphone fault, where I’m getting 1% audio. Eufy are swapping it out (replacement due shortly) - and last night I asked them (in the ongoing email chain) :

is the plan to enable the 2K doorbell for HomeBase 3 still on track?

The reply is:

"Yes, the plan to enable the 2K doorbell for HomeBase 3 is still on track. You can expect it to be supported by March 2023 and you can also refer to this page to get information about the Schedule for Eufy Security Devices to Be Compatible With S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3):

eufy Support"

So - unless it magically changes again/an/other security is found, so far it looks like March.

this is a real gamble for me as my return for the dual doorbell latest is the 4th of March. So ideally I need to know at the beginning of March. Do you think this is likely?

Obviously I can’t guarantee anything, I’m not a eufy employee - but you could email support and ask:

a) when will they have an exact March date?
b) if they have any 2nd user/spare Homebase 2s in the interim? (I am running both HB2 and HB3 presently)
c) if they will honour a return extension IF the bell is NOT compatible by Mar 31st? (screenshot / timestamp the page?)

To be fair to their email support team, they’ve been really good to me so far.

  1. I had issues updating HB2 and Camera firmware, and they swapped out the camera AND HB2 to assist (I think it turned out to be DNS related, but they were very good - even providing free return shipping labels)

  2. I ordered my HB3/2 x Cam set from the Eufy App store as I had a voucher, but the shipping times were awful, but you could get next day delivery from Amazon, but not use the voucher - so they agreed I could buy on Amazon, send proof of purchase, they’d cancel my app store order and refund me the difference

  3. They’ve just (as above) swapped out the doorbell with the failing microphone.

So I’d certainly ask :slight_smile:
Worst case you will need to return it, get refund and then annoyingly buy again :slight_smile:

Thanks Pete! You have been a massive help.

I decided to wait to see if they actually update the software on HB3/Dual Camera as I had everything out of the box and ready to go.

I haven’t tried setting it up yet because the dashboard still says March 2023 and not Available. So I am going to get in contact with support now.

Will let you know of the outcome :slight_smile:

I’m hitting F5 on that page a lot too :slight_smile:

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I’d hold firing F5 for a couple of weeks…

“We appreciate your support in Eufy. Please rest assured that we always stand behind our products, you can expect it to be supported at the end of March or the beginning of April, I am so sorry that I cannot provice an exact time, our backend engineers are speeding up this process now.”

I’ve been trying to add my dual doorbell to my new homebase 3 for the past couple of days without success. It’s rather disappointing considering the reassurances that the sales assistant gave me over the ease of hooking everything up. Given that the the doorbell is unusable until the issue is sorted, it would seem only reasonable that the warranty period offered should not commence until doorbell can be enabled. Should I discuss this with the retailer or will eufy automatically hold back the warranty commencement date on their 2K dual camera doorbells?

I noticed Eufy wrote by the end of March or beginning of April. Could it be they are slipping the updates into April now? I to have a 2k dual camera doorbell sitting in a draw, waiting.

It is the biggest mystery to mankind right now, when we will be able to use the dual camera on Homebase 3?!

Going to start leaving negatives reviews soon I think.

Well the page still says “March” presently.

To be fair, consider it - they have to update the camera firmware to be able to support HB2 and HB3, and then the app also needs updating to handle where to put the device (i.e. if you have an HB2 and 3 like I do, will it ask, or will it default to one?)

And they’ve got make v sure that nothing breaks else you wind up with an expensive pair of bricks.

I’d rather they got it right. All it’s costing me other than “waiting” is having two homebases plugged in and two IPs in use on my LAN :slight_smile:

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Well, now the 23rd of March and still no support. W.T.H. Eufy, do I have to return my houseful of Eufy equipment and go back to Arlo and upgrade that system. Shame on you!! $2k is still $2k that I can’t afford to waste.

It says “March”, which could be 31st March.

I’ll be grumpy if it goes into April, but I have an HB2 which runs my doorbell and my cameras are on HB3, so apart from a bit of extra power consumption, it’s not causing me that much bother.

If this stupid Homebase isn’t compatible with the dual cam doorbell in April I’m selling all this junk and going with something that works. All the hype and continued pushbacks are ridiculous. Do what you say or don’t do it at all. If you can’t keep your word to your customers then why should we be customers? Get it right Eufy.

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