Eufy dual 2k doorbell repeatedly calling home

Why does my Eufy doorbell connect to and on a very regular basis? I have been blocking these requests for a few days and can see no difference in how it all works. I’ve searched for these addresses online and have not seen anyone else post about them.

Does anyone have any information on what it’s doing, and more importantly, whether I’m OK continuing to block the requests?

Thank you.

Those IPs might be addresses that Eufy uses to check for updates and save any config changes. In the US, they mostly use Amazon Web Services to host their app and web services, but other regions may use different servers like you have seen. I haven’t noticed any connections to in US PNW.

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Your doorbell has to connect “home” to get a notification to you when you’re out and about with the mobile client. I run a VPN and have had to whitelist some ankey/eufy hosts to get notificiations to behave consistently when roaming on/off wifi

That makes sense. As long as I know what the connections are all about I’m happy.

Thank you.