Eufy Doorbell with mechanical chime and snooze


I have 2 questions about the battery-operated Eufy Doorbell T8210:

  1. When pressing the doorbell, the old gong inside (Friedland D3230 - 8V) rings differently than before the Eufy doorbell. Before it was “Ding/Dong”, now it is “Ding … Dong”. I read here that you should check the type of gong set in the app. When setting up I chosed mechanical and it is set on mechanical. After resetting this option and putting it back to mechznical the doorbell rings as usual Ding/Dong for 1 day.

  2. When I configure Snooze in the app, movements and the HomeBase are deactivated (=correct). However, the old chime still rings. Is this normal? Eufy support told me that this is probably correct.

Thanks for your help!

  1. There may be less current to the chime with the doorbell in the circuit. That would reduce the force that the solenoid in your chime applies to the tone bar, changing the tone. You may be able to make a mechanical adjustment to compensate for this on the chime. Also, your doorbell transformer may be too small to feed the doorbell and the existing chime both. Don’t know why it works for 1 day after reseting, but I’d play with chime and see if it can be adjusted to work the way you want all the time.

  2. The mechanical chime should still sound when notifications and the homebase are snoozed. That’s the way mine works. Not really sure why they chose to do it this way, but what you see is the way Eufy designed it.

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I testes again.
When I change the type of chime from mechanical to electrical the old chime rings „ding/dong“ as usual. After some time it rings „ding…(pause)…dong“.