Eufy doorbell stopped working!

We have the 2k wired video doorbell. It was amazing for several weeks.

Then while away on Christmas vacation, it stopped working. This happened with two different doorbells.

We had gotten our in-laws a eufy doorbell as well. Both doorbells stopped working while we were out of town for the holidays. Which really was frustrating.

I’m thinking that I need to return them both. Why isn’t this at least addressed with a FAQ or something telling us what is happening.

Since I have two separate houses with very different Wi-fi and internet service I have to think it is not an issue on our end.

Either Eufy servers are to blame or the products are failing fast.

IS there an explanation or easy fix for this and why does it happen? What can be done to keep it from happening in the future? Thank you.

P.S. We are a (largely) Eufy households. We have the super high end eufy robot vacuum and several other Eufy products in our home. So this is very surprising to us.