Eufy doorbell rings itself

Just wanted to add to the list of people this is happening to. Installed video doorbell yesterday (battery model but hard-wired with 24VAC) and 6am the doorbell activated. It even recorded a 7s event which showed no one.

Wonder if this is happening to hard-wired and battery installations or just hard-wired.

Nothing else particular that I noticed that would cause it.

Same problem for us, T8210 running off batteries - so not unique to hard wired setups it seems.

Ours once went off when overseas (bit disturbing) and recorded no event but i got a Door Bell is Ringing push notification, then again this evening it rang and this time there was a video recording but as usual no one there.

Its a shame, Ive loved the doorbell and dont want to splinter to another brand and app when we also have Eufy cameras.

Same happened here; wired doorbell with no homebase unit. Doorbell rang for the first time (we are aware of) early this morning (~2 AM), no notification in the app and no one present at the door.

It would be nice if Eufy can provide some explanation in the absence of a fix.

EDIT (2/23/23): Since posting this message it has occurred three more times… all between 2-4 AM.
Also I am not recommending this product to anyone until this issue is proven to be resolved.

Glad to know I’m not the only one (not that I’m thrilled this is happening to any of us)!
Had me at the door with my softball bat at 0130 this morning. 0/10 stars, would not recommend.
@eufy_official? @eufy_Operation? @bueller???

Got the dual camera door bell.
Running on built in batteries.
Similar issue here just had 11 phantom ring events.
All in under an hour.
Middle of a 35 deg c day.
Its been working fine since installed maybe 7 days now.

I rang it manually. Worked fine.
Then restarted the base.

Seems fine now, i.e. no phatom rings in last 30 minutes.