Eufy doorbell rings itself

It has rings itself for two times since yesterday . But there are no people outside ….

I have the same issue. No logically reason to find why it goes off.

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Just to clarify - is it: 1) your house/mechanical chime, 2) the Homebase, or 3) both that are ringing?

I’ve experienced (1) multiple times (often in the middle of the night). House chime goes off, but I can tell that it’s a phantom/ghost ring since the Homebase doesn’t go off. No one is at the door when I check and no event is triggered by the doorbell.

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Same problem here. Happend twice now. First started 2 days ago at 04:56 and today at 04:21. Real strange.

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I have same issue.

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Thanks for your above comments. At least I know it’s not “anything” else at the door first… but this bugs me in the middle of the night

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Had the same thing, 4 times bell sound. Also triggerd home assistant node red automation.

same issue. happened 4 times since the first full revharge after 5 months

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Same issue here today. Alarmed at doorbell and on phone but no one was there to push the button

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Our doorbell is wired in and it has been ringing by itself—no one there. Is there a solution? I checked the voltage via the app and that is good. Not sure what to do

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Just now happened to me. Mechanical chime goes off and no app alert or speaker chime from doorbell. Wiring is brand new so most likely not a short. Hopefully this doesn’t become a thing. The reason I bought this battery Eufy doorbell was so I was able to use the mechanical chime.

Having the same issue with a newly wired doorbell. Has anyone resolved this spontaneous phantom doorbell ringing?

I do not have device but will say update device firmware if not done.

If done, I would make contact the service desk but you may want to keep notes of when it happens and such as if it seems random then harder to fix without pinpointing any reason why

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I Have the same issues, always around the same time. for me it looks if the Sun is triggering this ghost ringing. Had no issues and suddenly this started. turned off the option of the indoor bell since it was even annoying for the neighbours. Was there an update done lately since it just started 2 weeks ago.

Yep same here, just started experiencing this too. No one at the door bell, first ring at 11:44pm and happened three times in a row then again at 12:12/13am twice ima row.

Firmware is up to date, device is in perfect working order and only bought a few weeks ago, batteries are fully charged and there is nothing pressing and no sunlight to interfere either as it a night time (if that’s even a thing). No idea how to stop it but it’s waking up an entire household!


Found this thread for exactly this… Mechanical door bell only, random timing and everything is in perfect order and installed as per manufacturers instructions. There likely a current capacitor discharge from the Eupy device, enough to ring the bell… It’s a shame I love this doorbell so far, but as my partner is not cool with random ghost rings (major deal breaker) we may need to return the unit.

Oké if this is the case Eufy, we also need to return the device, can you please react on this topic, more topics about this issue do not seem to be answered……

Same issue here with T8210 add on, wired, existing door bell. How is that there are no answers to this problem. Does eufy support not monitor this thread?

also get some random rings on my doorbell, this just started about 3 weeks ago, got 3 phantom rings, once every few days. I’ve e-mail to support, waiting for an answer.
As a note, my first event was also at 11:44pm and happent 3 times since, with nobody at the door

Looks like there still isn’t a fix. In the end, my only solution was to disable the mechanical chime from within the Eufy app. Now, the (2k battery, but hardwired) doorbell only causes my homebase to ring.