Eufy doorbell offline every 4-5 weeks

I have been using the doorbell for almost five months now and nothing but misery, the distance from the base station to the bell is only 5 meters.
Every four to five weeks, the doorbell gives a message that it is offline, but the Home base is still easily accessible.
in the first instance I did connect the door to a transformer when I read on the form messages that sometimes it is not good enough voltage or current and I bought a heavier version, this also did not solve the problem. Because I often spend a long time abroad, I chose to use the doorbell in battery mode, but it also went offline every four to five weeks in battery mode. I don’t know what to do anymore Because my work abroad makes me dependent on a good video doorbell.

Have you contacted support. The can have you download the logs and see what is happening. They don’t monitor this forum so if you have an issue, send them an email. The chat and phone support is pretty low level and an email usually gets a better level of expertise.

If that doesn’t work, back up your doorbell with a camera. I have both and while I don’t have offline issues with my battery doorbell, I like having a different angle on my front porch so I catch a better view of who is there.

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