Eufy doorbell (not wired) Halloween sounds?

Hi all , is there anyway to get Halloween sounds on the doorbell ?
I can’t see anything , but I may have missed it


They had 3 Options last Halloween. I downloaded all 3 but uninstalled 2 of them in November. I still have the witches laugh though, but I’ve sent a request to eufy support to allow uploading ANY personal MP3 file to use as a quick response, or at least to make a few predetermined scary sounds available again like last year


How do you get Halloween sounds or other sounds

I too would like to know where to get additional sounds. The Jetson’s doorbell has been on my list for a long time.

I did ask support about the spooky Halloween sounds and was told by Lanky in support that Eufy has no intention of releasing the same files for this year.
Then they come out with an ad to sell something else with the doorbell sounds in the ad. So they have them and they could send an update for the doorbells, but they can’t be bothered.

How do i get this to work? I still have the sounds from last year.

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