Eufy doorbell not charging

Hi, I saw this topic elsewhere as well. Mine is sitting at 73% and not charging. Had an electrician visited and verified the transformer etc… are all working.

Is it time to get the doorbell replaced under warranty?

If the outside temperature is cold enough, the charge controller in the doorbell will shut down or reduce the charge to keep from causing harm to the batteries. Lithium batteries shouldn’t be charged when its below 0C. When the temperature increases, charging should restart.

One thing you can do when temps get cold is change the power setting to Optimal battery. That will stop the motion detection but leave the doorbell and video functioning. It will also reduce load so that you don’t drop the battery charge to unsafe levels. Monitor the battery and if necessary, bring it inside and warm it up to charge if it drops too low.

I am in Australia so it’s summer at the moment so low temperature is not really the issue…

Since temperature is probably not your issue, it may be that the transformer is undersized. That’s pretty common. The video doorbell takes more current to keep it charged than a bell and pushbutton setup. Most legacy doorbell and chime setups use a transformer sized around 8-10 VA. Eufy recommends 30VA. Check the rating stamped on your transfomer as that may be your issue.
Also, be aware that even when the doorbell is powered, it usually cycles between 75-90% to keep the batteries from being overcharged. The cycle points are approximate, so if you are a 73% and you don’t see it dropping much further, I wouldn’t worry. Just watch it and see what the cycle high and low are. As long as its changing and not dropping below 40% your probably fine.

The transformer was replaced with a more powerful one but still not charging…

@allegro1 same issue here… and what is frustrating, everyone keeps recommended a better transformer.
But the manual simply says 8-24V 10VA… and on some pages they provide a link to an 8V 1A transformer.