Eufy doorbell can chime on both homebase

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I have both homebase 1 and homebase 2. My battery doorbell is currently connected to homebase 2. If there anyway that the home base 1 can also act as chime when the door bell is pressed. At the moment only homebase2 acts like chime because it’s connected to it.

It’s just that we have 2 floors and the we don’t always hear the ring , would be prefect if the one of the homebase can repeat the chime so we can place in different location

I have the same problem, I connected the doorbell to 24v plug in and same result, this is my second eufy doorbell, its better to refunded.

I’d like to know this as well, exactly what I was just searching for. I’m a little different here in that I have Two homebase 2 and i’m trying to get the alarm to go off on both. I can’t seem to get it to work on the second unit, it doesn’t even have the option for ringtone volume or anything of the sort.

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None of the Homebases will talk to each other. They only communicate with devices that are paired with each homebase. So no automations, keypad mangement, or alarming functions will work across homebases. Its a pretty large omission. Supposedly, there is a Homebase 3 in the works that may rectify this issue and provide external storage. It was promised for 2021, but there hasn’t been any word about it so far. Eufy seems to be rolling out standalone devices and ignoring the homebase system. I’m sure that if that continues, Eufy will go the way of other security vendors that didn’t produce an integrated system. They had a good start.

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Thanks , if that is the case ,it is pretty big omission. Did anyone reach out to eufy for offical word. I have not been able to find any details around this.

There are dozens of posts here and on Reddit about the lack of intercommunications with homebases. There are a couple of posts in Oct 20 about homebase 3 being a possible answer to this issue, but no detail. The Eufy admin @Mengdi, hasn’t said anything further about Homebase 3 and he was the one who posted the original reply about it.

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HB3 will not be released this year. But if it does what is rumoured, it may be worth the wait!