Eufy Doorbell and eufyCam 2C not working with Alexa Echo 10

When I say “Show me the front door” or any of the other cameras, the video feed is not popping up and times out. When there are notifications of the activity or even someone ringing the doorbell, it’s not coming up on Alexa either as an announcement. Just replaced RING with EUFY and the first impression is not good. Home built around Alexa. Now my home a little less smart. Please help or the Eufy experiment will come to a quick end.

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I have same problems with indoor and outdoor cameras
Live fewd is nit streaming on my alexa enable device
Not sure if its a issue or it dont suoort that function.if this is the case then i m foing to return all cameras and go with ring

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Same boat here. Very disappointed.

I m wondering eufy/ankor dont reply to the issue
I m new to this but if the how bad is their customers service i will prefer to get into ring sxhosystem.

I am a little shocked. I also wrote them on Facebook to no response.

My live feed is working on alexa devices now may be new firmware fix it for now

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yay, ill give it a try when i get home!