Eufy Doorbell 2K (WIRED) didn't register my VOICE and make ECHO!

When I answer the doorbell, people hear their echo after they speak, do you know why? And then when I look at the recording my voice is not heard but only that of whoever is on the doorbell, but in reality the voice can be heard very well my voice when I speak. Do you know how to solve?

UP! :pleading_face:

Same here, terrible echo

Same here, echo from the doorbell speaker is as loud as the voice of the person speaking via the phone app.

Im having the same problem, the doorbell repeats my voice back to me. If i put the eufy app on silent mode, so i can’t hear any audio while watching live video, the echo doesn’t occur. So it seems like the app is playing the audio to my phones speaker and mic maybe. There is a similar post with this issue that also doesn’t have a working solution posted.

I’m currently in an email conversation with Eufy about this issue. They asked me to provide them with a recording of it happening, which I have done. Just waiting for them to come back on the next steps now. Will post an update in this thread or mine.

After quite a few emails back and forth, where I described the issue and provided a video Anker informed me that my doorbell is faulty. Mine starts repeating what is said into the doorbell after communication is open for about 10 seconds. The voice is heard after a 2sec delay on the app, then is repeated back to the doorbell after another 2 seconds. I need to chase it up where I bought the product. Hope this helps.

Same here, Eufy said it was faulty and sent me a replacement. I haven’t tested it yet, mainly because I’m convinced the same will happen with the new one. I’ve read quite a lot of people having the same issue with Ring, and all seem to be using Android phones, in particular Samsungs. Something to do with the two mics.

Dan… Is your phone an Android/Samsung?

Yeah I’m using a Samsung. Tried an s7 and s20 and they both do it. I just got a replacement from the store i bought it after another 7 weeks of chasing it up… The new one does it too.