Eufy doesn’t record unless your on the app?

I brought eufy door bell as I was told it’s brilliant and better than ring door bell.
Now eufy is the same price as ring door bell, only bonus thing Iv found is you don’t pay a subscription…
Now since buying this expensive equipment, Iv noticed when someone comes in front of your door bell camera or rings the bell the app doesn’t automatically record? Witch is real bad, because if I’m sleeping my phones on silent and someone try’s to break into my property then that means it’s not recording unless Iv clicked on the app? Anyone noticed this? Or just me?

Sounds like you don’t have the settings right. There are separate settings for record and notification. You probably don’t have the recording box checked. Since you don’t specify the model of doorbell or what OS you are using, I can’t help you find the setting, so check your manual or the online help in the app menu for your device.