Eufy cams far from base station, which repeater to use

I use a few years the EufyCam 2 pro’s around my house. Very satisfied.
The base station is located in the center of my square house. On that way, every Cam’s reception is good enough to work stable.

My parents are impressed about my cams and they want them too.
Problem: their garden is way bigger as ours. No way the farthest cam could connect to the base, which should be in the coverage of their wifi signal.

How could I manage this: does Eufy has a kind of repeater system, or can I install no matter which wifi repeater?
To be clear: it should extend the signal between one or more cams and the base station.


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Came here with a similar question. I’ve added a Netgear EX5000 range extender to try to get a camera online at my detached garage, which is maybe 25 yards away. Try as I might, I can’t get the camera to work with the range extender. Is their something I need to tweak in settings? My phone and my wife’s phone get online at the garage just fine, but walking the camera from the house to the garage, the signal dies. It’s as though it doesn’t understand the mesh hand-off and then can never find the new signal…

Eufy does not have a Homebase signal extender yet. The only option you have to go for multiple Homebases.
Or you go for the standalone wifi cameras without Homebase like the S40 those do work with any wifi extender.

The HomeBase and cameras transmit/use their own low powered Wi-Fi to link/ communicate with each other, your home’s Wi-Fi has nothing to do with that link. Only the HomeBase is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi or ethernet cable.
Unfortunately there’s no extender that can be placed between the HomeBase and Camera that I know of…
option is either to move the HomeBase closer to the cameras or cameras closer to the HomeBase.
@Fair_Admin :Eufy does not have a Homebase signal extender yet.
~I don’t know what they’re waiting for, boy if they did they would sell like hotcakes!

Could a second Homebase act as an extender?

I don’t believe so, it’s not configured to do so.
You could use the second Homebase for that camera that’s too far from your original HomeBase as long as you have the second home base connected to your router or Wi-Fi.
Then it’s just a matter of adding the second HomeBase to the app and then the camera to the second Homebase.
But, mentioned before purchasing a solo cam that doesn’t rely on a Homebase, and connects via your home’s Wi-Fi may be a cheaper option.

it actually can but not without added expense. to extend the range of the system you will need a mesh network with nodes that have ethernet inputs. you would plug the 2nd homebase 2 into the node and the node will relay the signal to the mesh network router. generally speaking, range extenders are old technology. in a mesh network the nodes don’t use the main network to connect to the network router they have their own network for the backhaul.

Ok, thanks for your replies.
Eufy isn’t the right way to go for my parents house and garden.

Looking further for other options.