Eufy Camera Pro 2 detection challenges


After quite a search and investigation (with help on this community), I have mounted 1 of my Eufy Cam 2 Pro’s at 2.75m on an outside wall, to capture my car.

I have set sensitivity at 5 and activity zone as follows:

What I noticed is that when I am coming from the right side, the camera detects a human immediately and starts recording, BUT if I am coming from the left (street side), it starts recording when a human is at the front door of the car


This has probably something to do with positioning or configuration. The downside is that I cannot move the camera to another spot, this is out of all the spots the best one.

Any help is welcome.

This is because of the car. It blocks the detection of heat signatures. Get an outdoorcam instead or this is the reality you will have to deal with.

Thanks for your quick response, but this is an outdoor cam, right?
Does changing to any movement instead of humans only will work?
If I need to change, which one would be suitable from Eufy, which also connects to homebase 2?

I’m referring to this one:

As it is wired, it has pixel based detection rather than a PIR sensor. It is a standalone camera that does not connect to the homebase 2.

You could get this one in combination with the homebase 3. In time the outdoorcam will use the modes, automation and AI of the homebase 3.

Thanks! I will see what I can do with adjusting the camera a bit maybe. I think it will capture when they are messing around with the car on my driveway. Is there a difference between humans only and all motion?

Without changing the type of the camera now, I am wondering what I can do to make the detection better:

  • change recording angle so PIR is able to captures more human
  • set it to all motion
  • ?

It is not only the car thatbis hindering the detection. As you can see below, the human on the street is detected when she is almost out od side

The thing about PIR sensors is that they detect movement way better and at a farther distance from side to side then straight on.
Try adjusting the camera position. I would try shifting it to the right a little, so you see just the tail end of your car.

The thing also about battery cameras: when it does detect motion it may take up to 3 seconds before it actually starts recording the event,
in this photo the highlighted grey block is when motion was detected and person is still moving forward until the actual recording begins.

Also remove the Activity Zone and set it to human only, if you’re finding your picking up too much human trafficking outside the area you wish to monitor then set up an Activity Zone.
If you set it to all motion then it will detect just about anything moving. Bushes swaying in the breeze, Shadow movement, vehicles driving by, headlamps at night.
Setting up an Activity Zone may help with that, though they don’t seem to work well for me.
You’ll just need to take some time at finding the perfect setting and camera positioning…
Good luck.

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This is very helpful thank you! Based on the recordings I have seen, moving it to the right is definitely an idea I will try.

Regarding the 3 seconds and motion, it will mean that if the human stands still, it will capture it. This is important because they broke into my car recently and I need to capture the middle of the car (especially the front door).

I have now set it to all motion, but it is just a bit too many. There is also a theory that it cannot detect humans next to the car because of the fact that the car blocks heat detection.

I will move it slightly to the right, remove activity zone and set it to human detection only to test.

I’m not sure if this idea will help but I have eufy S40 Solocam that has a solar panel on it to charge, it also has a security light that comes on when movement is detected and records in color at night because of this. It is also a stand alone camera and connects direct to your modem. If you can place it where it will receive sunlight while still being in position to record your driveway you could then change recording times, motion sensitivity etc to suit your needs and hopefully not have to recharge regularly. I have one for an area where I needed a security light and so far it has stayed 100% charged although I’ve only had it a few months and we are only just heading into winter & it doesn’t get set off much as it’s not a high traffic area. The security light may also deter thieves/ vandals as well. Not sure it’s what your looking for but might be worth looking into.

Regarding the 3 seconds and motion, it will mean that if the human stands still, it will capture it. This is important because they broke into my car recently and I need to capture the middle of the car (especially the front door).

It should… This is me walking across my battery doorbell, it started to record just as I was halfway at center.

You should test it out and walk up from the sidewalk to your front car door and stand there to see if it will record you.

Car blocking heat detection True.
Though I think you have enough camera height / pointing down to see at least chest height and up for it to capture.

PIR (passive infrared) sensors utilise the detection of infrared that is radiated from all objects that emit heat. This type of emission is not visible to the human eye, but sensors that operate using infrared wavelengths can detect such activity.