Eufy camera going offline

Installed 3 cameras today - all working fine until I moved the base to be closer to the camera out back. Then camera at the front of house went offline. Brought back in house and connected to base again, took outside and checked phone to see signal all great until I’ve taken my hand off camera once reinstalled. It’s the closest camera to the base and it won’t go back online even after removing and re-adding etc.

Swapped in a working camera to see if it’s the location and that camera stopped working too so thought it was definitely location that was issue.

Held camera at new destination for minute or so to check signal - all stemmed great and working. Screwed new holes, attached to house and let go of camera and it stopped working again!

I’ve honestly no clue what else do to and tired of screwing holes in front of house for it to not work once reinstalled at a new location.