Eufy cam2c night vision not saving mode

I select IR off mode for night vision and it doesn’t seem to save the section. The next morning my one camera defaults back to B&W IR. Prior to the latest updates at the end of May the night mode selection did save properly.

Anyone else having this issue?

I have the same issues. The support team answered;

“We’ve already forwarded this issue to our engineer team and they are seriously looking into it. Our engineers will resolve this issue in the next App upgrade as soon as possible”


I got the same response and that it would be fixed via the next firmware update. My cameras were updated a few days back but this seems to still be an issue for me

The post before yours says App update so firmware may not be the issue. I thought we had an app update since his first post. In the short time I’ve been here they tend to break more than they fix with updates.