Eufy cam2 pro does not connect after taking it off the wall

Hi, I got my Eufy Cam 2 Pro cameras last week. They’ve been installed for less than a week. Everything was working well.

Today I took them off the wall to put some new silicone protective sleeves for them but I forgot to turn off the prevent burglary function, so the alarm went off when taking them off.

Later I realized that one of the cameras was not connecting to the Homebase. Then afterwards the camera disappeared from the devices connected and registered with the home base. I have tried to reset the camera to no avail, and tried to sync it to the homebase which also doesn’t work. Pressing the sync button on the camera produces no beep. The camera has a solid blue LED that flashes when I press the sync button.

How do I fix this???

This problem needs specific analysis, please contact