Eufy Cam2 motion detection caused by wind

Both my Cam2’s are giving false alarms. There is motion in both but not human or something that gives off heat. In the backyard I think it’s the banana tree leaf & the other monkey grass blowing in the wind. As I understand PIR motion detection it works on heat not movement.

Tried to upload the video but it won’t let me so stills will have to do.

The wind can cause shifts in warm weather. It happens for me too, during the summer. Try lowering the sensitivity settings and see if it gets better.

I did try that and it was much better but also didn’t detect people on the sidewalk or path. In the back this will be a big issue as the banana trees get bigger. Now I’m trying to see what I can do using Private Zones. I’ve tried detection zones in the past but didn’t have much luck with them. Be nice if we didn’t have to use square/rectangles for Private or detection zones.