Eufy cam won’t beep on setup

I bought 2 Eufycam with the homebase set a month ago.

Just got around to setting the first camera up last week no problems and have tried to set up the second one and it won’t connect.

When I press the sync button on the camera for two seconds as they direct it does not beep.

Has anyone had this problem?

this is a fault with the second camera seeing that the first one has connected no problems and is working.

Try holding the Sync button down for 10 seconds. That should clear any residual data that might be keeping it from adding. If that doesn’t work, contact support. You may have a faulty device.

Thanks for you suggestion but no cigar. All I get still after pressing for 2 seconds is the flashing blue LED and nothing else.

Make sure you are using 2G wifi network. As far as I know it won’t work on 5G.