Eufy Cam S330 went OFFLINE - won't come back

These cam is about 4 weeks old. It suddenly went offline last night. It will not come back.

I brought it inside this morning. It was 28 degrees F outside. I plugged it into a power source. 3 hours later it still does nothing. I pressed the Sync button. No lights/LEDs lit on the front of it.

It still says OFFLINE.

I could try to Remove Device and re-add it. But since it does not show any sign of Power, that probably will not work.

Any ideas other than a warranty claim?

I talked to Eufy. They are going to expedite a warranty replacement for me. So, in a few days, this should be resolved.

Thanks for the update. Info us on how long it takes to get the replacement. Did they ask you to try anything different that you didn’t try before to make it work?
Do they want the old one back and do they pay for the return shipping? Thx

First they asked me to try everything I had already tried - even when I told them that no LED would illuminate on the camera - not even when plugged into a power source.

I have to ship the defective camera to them first. They provide shipping label - no charge to me.

5 - 7 days to get to them.

Then they ship new camera to me. Another 5 - 7 days.

So, 10 - 14 days without a camera in that position. The conversation was really easy when I had already gone through the few minimal steps needed to resurrect it or pronounce it dead.