Eufy Cam pro charging issue

Hi folks hope everything is ok. I’m have a issue with one of my eufy cam pro. One of them has died already after 4months of purchasing. I thought that was great until I plug it in to recharge it. Ive come down after leaving it on charge overnight and 9hrs its only 9% and still is after another 4hrs. Is there something I’m missing and don’t know about. Thanks

First thing to do is use a different charger. The homebase charges really slow. If you have a 2 amp phone charger, that will go alot quicker.

If that doesn’t help, switch out the charge cable. A defective connection in your cable could limit charging current.

When I have issues like this I use a USB inline meter that tells me voltage and current flow. I got it on Amazon for less than $10 and its been pretty valuable when I have had charge issues with anything USB.