Eufy cam lithium ion batteries

Hello! I have 2 eufy wifi outdoor cams with the lithium ion batteries built in. Does anyone know if continual power could be fed on a trickle charge basis to keep the cam at 90 to 100%? Thanks

I’m not sure about a constant power but you can attach solar panel which would top it up every day for free

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I had a camera on a Ring solar panel for a month and it stayed topped off. I am now in the process of running some Cat5E to my camera locations. I have purchased some POE 5 volt adapters that I will use to continually power my cams. The beauty of that solution is I can turn off the power on a schedule to all the cams to keep from overcharging the batteries. With Anker/Eufy’s expertise in battery devices I am betting that their charge controllers will cut off charging before the batteries reach 100%, but this way I can control it myself in case I’m wrong.