EUfy cam Homebase 2 not responding

My Homebase2 has not been working for 3 days. Eufy did not inform me it was offline. I restarted the homebase but the light is always RED. I tried to reinstall the homebase but the light stays red.

What do I do now???

Contact Eufy Support

I had same issue or very similar, i did below to fix and so far working again. 1 or all might need to be done.

  1. reset the home base with the reset button on back rather than using app to do it (theory is app was connected but not really connected)
  2. I removed the LAN cable and re-plugged it into the home base (in case it was loose or need the connection to be broken to then reset it)
  3. Deleted 1 camera first to see if this helps and then reconnected it.

Of course, reset home internet devices also, any routers/access points that might be in use, this wont hurt especially if your home base is connected via WiFi not LAN cable.

Homebase ver:
Camera ver: 19.3

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