Eufy cam e add on not available? Homebase compatibility with the cameras available?

I have a home base with eufy cam e and thinking of adding 2 more cameras but just realised that they are no longer available… if I decide to add different models (2c or pro) will they work with my current home base? Thank you in advance

For a while there was a vendor on Ebay selling new Cam Es for $100. I got 2 from him late last year.

As far as compatibility with Homebase E, the chart I found said that Cam 2 and 2C would be compatible after a software update. Don’t know whether the update has been pushed. However, I don’t think Homebase E has the AI module. That would make getting the series 2 cams less effective at detection.

You might be better off looking for a Homebase 2, which supports all the Cams and has the AI module. There are lots of Homebase 2’s for sale on Ebay from people who have bought kits and already had one. At least this way, you could have compatibility with your Cam E’s and all the way up to the 2 Pro series.

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