Eufy Cam and ALEXA

I can ask ALEXA (ECHO SHOW) to view my Driveway Cam it will work. If there is motion, ALEXA (ECHO SHOW) announces the motion. HOWEVER, if I enter the EUFY skill in ALEXA and go to My Skills/EufySkills/Settings/Manage Smart Home Devices/Cameras all of my cameras and doorbell are listed at “Live view not supported”. Any suggestions.

Did you say you can get a motion announcement on Alexa? No one else including myself can get to work anymore as we understood eufy disabled it a few months ago…… are you unsure it works? If yes what set up do you have I.e. ufycam2 and Homebase version etc?
Can you get a routine to work within Alexa I.e if front door camera detects motion then make an anouncment or turn a light on etc? Thanks.