Eufy cam 3, Disable notifications for known people (family)

I have purchased a Eufy cam 3, 14 days ago, but the manual that comes with it is very concise.
I had read in a review that you could disable notifications from family and that this is tucked away somewhere in the app.
I think I’ve looked everywhere in the app but I can’t find it. Does anyone have experience with this function and can someone tell me where I can find that function.


I found it myself

for those interested:

Eufy App → Select Homebase → Setting (cog upper right corner) → Notification → Ignore Notification → Turn On → Select Face’s to Ignore


I recently purchased the Cam3. Like how they work. As for the numerous notifications, I set myself to “Ignored” but still keep getting notifications Not sure What’s up.

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Indeed. That function doesn’t seem to work as it should. I also get the notifications from myself.

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I’ve also still been getting notifications even though I’ve set it to ignore familiar faces. I think it’s sending the alert before it can positively identify a familiar face from a stranger. Any work around?

I hope Eufy also read this article and will fix this bug.

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Additionally (and as stated in the title of this post) entire classifications like “family” should be able to be ignored with one click - we shouldn’t have to click each face individually.

Same here, this filetring doesn’t always work… @eufy_Operation - please fix this.


It appears to be working for me. Great feature to have, when I definitely know if I am there or not :wink:

I have same problem with 3

Hi. When you say it’s working for you…do you mean it detects motion and records but you do not get a notification if the motion was identified to be someone you have turned off notifications for? If so, what model camera / homebase do you have? Maybe they’ve fixed this issue in later models?

Exactly. No notification, but if I want to check manually, the recorded event is there.

I have now had Homebase 3 for a year now with s300 and s330 cameras but also gets notifications from family faces🥴. It’s disappointing and ends often that I turn the system off.

Have 100s of pictures for the family and I also have typed that same person very often.

Any solution here?

Thank you very much. I’ve Just turned those on. I’d actually be happier if it didn’t record known people, but this is very good for a little peace. Lol.

This is still not working. Have homebase 3 with solo s40 and solo s340. Still get notifications even though i have set the disable notifications for known faces

Assuming this is still not resolved?

I can see there’s a few confusing parts in the entire Eufy App.

  1. Homebase 3 - Settings (cog) > Notifications > Ignore Notifications
  2. Individual Camera - Settings (cog) > Notification
  3. Security tab on bottom - Device Control (on Homebase 3), select any modes and tap settings (cog), scroll through each camera and there’s a Notification checkbox to turn on/off.

I noticed the only way to turn of any push notifications is from point 3, but then that defeats the purpose of having detected a stranger VS someone you know in the known list.

I have yet to test the individual camera’s Motion Detection sensitivity (set to lowest) and the Notification interval time set to 5mins.

Thanks for this. Dont understand why effuy makes everthing so difficult.

Does this actually work for anyone? My system still notifies me when it is clear who it is.

Same here. My Homebase 3 (firmware with a connected eufycam 3C (firmware is always sending notification even for known faces…
@eufy_Operation / @eufy_official please fix it, as one of your selling points is that the system only notifies you of unknown persons. It doesn’t make much sense for me to be recorded and notified when I’m sitting on my terrace, even though HomeBase 3 identifies me correctly as a known face.

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I have tried the live chat to get this sorted. . You either get disconnected or they seemed to have no idea how to deal with the issues. I would strongly advise anyone thinking of buying these items - do not bother. They clearly do not work correctly. I shall be returning the homebase 3 and cameras as they are not fit for purpose and do not work as advertised.

Just bought a Eufy cam system HB3 and 4 e330 cams, and its was one of reason I bought Eufy cams. All other things I really like but the notification issue is they biggest drawback of they system.

How difficult could it actually be to just add a time delay “user setting”. During that time don’t send a notification if face is identified, only send if face is not identified when the time period is ended.

i was hoping this was already done with the Notification settings where you can select actually selct 3 diffrent option.

Most Efficient - no delay only text
Full Effect - Get text first, then thumbnail
Include Thumbnail - get full notification incl text and thumbnail if available

But that doesn’t make any difference. I can accept a delay for several seconds if that would remove all notifications of familiar faces.