Eufy cam 3, Disable notifications for known people (family)

I have purchased a Eufy cam 3, 14 days ago, but the manual that comes with it is very concise.
I had read in a review that you could disable notifications from family and that this is tucked away somewhere in the app.
I think I’ve looked everywhere in the app but I can’t find it. Does anyone have experience with this function and can someone tell me where I can find that function.

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I found it myself

for those interested:

Eufy App → Select Homebase → Setting (cog upper right corner) → Notification → Ignore Notification → Turn On → Select Face’s to Ignore


I recently purchased the Cam3. Like how they work. As for the numerous notifications, I set myself to “Ignored” but still keep getting notifications Not sure What’s up.

Indeed. That function doesn’t seem to work as it should. I also get the notifications from myself.

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I’ve also still been getting notifications even though I’ve set it to ignore familiar faces. I think it’s sending the alert before it can positively identify a familiar face from a stranger. Any work around?

I hope Eufy also read this article and will fix this bug.

Additionally (and as stated in the title of this post) entire classifications like “family” should be able to be ignored with one click - we shouldn’t have to click each face individually.

Same here, this filetring doesn’t always work… @eufy_Operation - please fix this.

It appears to be working for me. Great feature to have, when I definitely know if I am there or not :wink:

I have same problem with 3

Hi. When you say it’s working for you…do you mean it detects motion and records but you do not get a notification if the motion was identified to be someone you have turned off notifications for? If so, what model camera / homebase do you have? Maybe they’ve fixed this issue in later models?

Exactly. No notification, but if I want to check manually, the recorded event is there.

I have now had Homebase 3 for a year now with s300 and s330 cameras but also gets notifications from family faces🥴. It’s disappointing and ends often that I turn the system off.

Have 100s of pictures for the family and I also have typed that same person very often.

Any solution here?