Eufy Cam 2C - Unable to connect to Home Base 2

I have home base 2 and 2x Eufy Cam 2C.
Both cam’s were disconnected as they were discharged, so I charged them for 5 hours each (as mentioned in the booklet).
I tried to connect to homebase 2 and it did not connect.
After searching for many issues and trying all possible options:

  • Resetting home base 2
  • Updating the firware
  • resetting cam 2c with sync button to be pressed 5 times
  • removing all devices and adding back (only home base 2 could be added back)
  • again resetting cam2c and trying to sync with home base 2


Not sure what needs to be done.
Please help!

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Understand that many customers have had this similar issue.
Is there an issue with Cam2C.

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I have the same issue, i removed my eufy cam pro 2 to get it charged. Now for some other reason it doesn’t want to be charged completely. I have tried all kinds of cables, no fix.
Anyway, after the little charging it did, i configured the app, installed the cam, happy days, until 5 minutes later it beeps and it is no longer visible in the app. It got kicked out of it kicks it self out. Tried several times, same result. all of this because i wanted to charge it.

what can i do?

I did,

  • 10x charging (half full)
  • factory reset, done 3x
  • installed in the app 8x

Please what can i do?

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