Eufy Cam 2C Family Notifications Don't Go To Clip

As the account holder, when you have a notification of movement, double tapping the notification goes to the clip.

If you share the account with family, the notification goes to the live feed instead of clip.

Pretty annoying after recommending to grandparents, I set the camera up so my notifications work great, but they have to go to events to see the clip 20-30seconds after the event happens.

Any idea?


Having noticed this annoying issue for my partner! Why are they different? If full admin has been authorised why does notifications no play the recorded event on my partners iPhone?

Yes I’ve noticed this as well. I’ve shared both my eufyCam 2Cs and Doorbell to my wife, but she only gets sent the live feed. She’s basically turned off notifications from the app on her iPhone because it’s pretty pointless to get notified of an event, but by the time you get to the live feed the events gone. Is there any way to bump this up as a new feature request? Thanks!