Eufy Cam 2c doesn’t pickup motion

Can anyone help?! My 2c is not picking up 95% of motions. Full battery it’s outside and you can be standing right near blue chair and it will never go off/record/detect. I’m really thinking it’s something wrong with this camera as this is my add on to the doorbell by eufy and it works great! I have chatted with help desk and they referred me here, as well as give it a couple of weeks they said. Nothing has worked not even setting zone. I’m a month in… how long should I wait?! Can someone help? Please.

If it isn’t picking stuff up when you are deliberately trying to set it off, waiting may not help. With as many threads like these that there are they usually say that some events are missing or an update messed with it, not that it just won’t trigger hardly at all.

Assuming it used to work and you have adjusted activity zones, sensitivity and it’s still doing it I’d say it’s a bad unit.

Return/replace. :frowning:

It looks like the angle is too steep. Try raising it up to decrease the angle.

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Make sure in your settings you have motion detection turned on…you would be surprised how many people I have helped that did not have this turned on. Then set zones for the entire area you want recorded, make sure to set your sensitivity higher and last but not least make sure to switch your detection mode to All motions

This, it looks very tilted. You may have problems detecting humans, ‘all motion’ should work fine I guess.
Is there anything covering the PIR sensor?

It looks like your camera maybe mounted too high. Eufy says the 2 and 2c should be mounted 7-10 feet from the ground for best motion detection. I know…7-10 feet is not very high, but that’s what they say. I’m receiving my Eufy Cam 2 tomorrow and hope I don’t have the same problem. Good luck