Eufy cam 2c didn't record 4 intruders to my backyard

I’ve just had 4 intruders in my backyard, during daylight hours, and called our local security to come round to deal with them. While waiting, I came to check for video and neither of my 2 backyard cameras picked up anything! Meanwhile, the intruders have taken off, and I have no real description, because I was expecting to be able to give them photos/video.
I know there were 4 intruders, because I saw them while I was on the phone with security.
What’s the point of security cameras that don’t record intruders? They only record me when I go out to collect my dog when she’s barking at walkers going past at all hours of the day and night.

When you are live viewing your camera, it doesn’t record unless you hit the manual record feature.

I’m guessing you got a motion detection alert, and started to view your livestream from there?

I wasn’t live viewing. I heard them, grabbed the house phone and went to look out my bedroom window!
I went to check the video after getting off the phone and there was nothing.
If I’d been live viewing, i could have started recording and given a description over the phone, as one of the cameras was much closer and my distance vision isn’t great.

What I would do is go out of your yard, wait long enough for the camera to trigger a new event, then enter your yard as an intruder would. This will help you decide on the sensitivity and position of your cameras.

Not planning on climbing a high voltage power tower to get over a 1.8 metre high fence with a dodgy ankle and epilepsy.
I can see the entry point from both cameras, but they’re obviously not sensitive enough on the standard setting. To increase the sensitvity, I’d need to recharge more than once a month, or wait until Eufy decide To finally release the solar panels promised for Australia in February.

Can you reposition camera so that motion has to sweep across? Or reduce height if camera?

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Recently bought 2 2c cameras i to noticed it does not record everything not that good or do eufy want more people to pay to record disappointed with eufy products and i have just bought the doorbell you may as well put floodlight up to deter intruders

This first set of 4 cameras were to see what the quality and range was like. Initial quality of picture was good, but seems to have lost quality with the updates. Range for wifi coverage seems to be effective.
But thanks to the motion detection issues, batteries only lasting 4 weeks per charge and promised memory expansion cancelled, I won’t be expanding the system to cover the property boundaries and won’t be recommending Eufy to anyone else.

Why not try one of their indoor cams and place it on your bedroom windowsill like i do. It works well and no batteries needed. I have my sensitivity set second from highest and seems to work well enough but it does have its moments. If u have set to record human activity only then the AI isnt perfect and sometimes misses people which is why i always include motion detection too but u get birds and tress moving with it but still it will catch those theives.

You can find people selling those solar panels for the cameras on ebay

Appreciate the suggestion, but unfortunately wouldn’t cover my backyard. I’ve got a camera placed at either end of a patio, pointing to the diagonally opposite back fence corner. My bedroom window only has an angled view of one section near one back corner. The patio has privacy screens to stop people in the park looking over the fence into my bedroom and living rooms.
Looks like I’ll have to upgrade the house system to a fully wired system in another brand and relegate this system to monitor the boundary when I can get panels.