Eufy cam 2C can't detect motion through glass?

I just set this system up to replace the lorex camera I had. I’ve always had a camera in a glass cabinet in my livingroom as kind of a nany cam, not truly hidden but inconspicuous, usually unnoticed babysitters so I can make sure they’re engaging with the kids and not sitting on their phones all evening… Anyhow my last 2 cameras worked perfect for this. The eufy cam 2C doesn’t detect any motion and thus does not record anything. I thought I’d configured something wrong but it works fine when I open the cabinet door… so it just doesn’t work through glass??

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PIR (passive infrared) cameras usually do not detect motion though glass because the glass blocks or reduces the infrared heat signature. Can You can set the camera to record continuously on an sd card?

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Is that an option? I didn’t think it was with these…

Sorry, it does not support to detect motion through the glass.

If you need help to finish the setup, please feel free to reach out so we can have the engineering team to look into this case for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

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What setup is there to finish if you just said it won’t work :thinking: I’ll have to return them unfortunately.

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I think they mean set it up for 24hr continuous recording instead. But that would be something on the indoor cams. The 2C is not really designed for your use case. It’s more for mounting on a wall out on a patio of front porch, etc.

They just put out a couple models and sound like they would work better for your situation. A standing one and a pan/tilt and both of them just record 24 hrs on an SD card.


I did see the two new models and was interested in one of each also but they aren’t available in Canada yet. Do you know, are these also PIR?

These two cameras do have 24/7 recording though? But the cam2 and cam2C do not? I guess I anxiously await the new models release in Canada.

I have the same problem in a different situation:
I bought my eufyCam 2 to monitor an outdoor area through a window for two reasons: Theft protection and best point of view.
Do all eufyCams’ motion detection feature rely on passive infrared?


Curious about this as well. My Arlo Q’s can do this without issue. Do the new Indoor 2K cams not have this feature?

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Yeah would be great to have a feature like this. I just bought 2c eufycams for indoor use. One of the cams will be placed at a roof hatch with plexiglass. Will this work?

In my case the cam is looking at a acrylic roof hatch, which is completely transparant. I did some testing and it seems to pick up a person behind the “glass”. Would be cool to add the option to detect based on motion aside from the PIR sensor. Of course accepting the loss of battery life.