[Eufy cam 2c] Any chance we can have different sensitivity settings for day/night?

The camera works fine during the day, but I have been receiving too many false alerts during the night, which makes the alarm useless, it could wake me up many times in midnight. A separate sensitivity setting for night should be able to relieve that.


This would be great if we could have this feature!!

I agree with this. I left Arlo Pro 2 and switched over to eufy 2c and eufy 2 and living it. I do know that Arlo has AI human detection for both day and night but you have to pay for it. eufy has it free for day only. I wished they would improve the quality of AI night detection so that it would be an option. However, until then your recommendation concerning night time independent sensitivity levels is a great one.

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I have same problem I live on a busy road. It was eating the battery so have it turned off at night. Such a shame as that’s what I want it for security. But I do love the product


Why don’t you set up monitoring grids. This will allow you to use it at night when you need it the most and it will only activate when something is detected inside the barriers you set.

It is labeled activity zones. Ask support to assist you in setting up. The will help which is why they are there. If you don’t get the full use out of what you purchased, you’ll eventually abandon the product all together. Both you and they don’t want this. Give it a shot.

Yea I had activity zones setup on it. What I’ve had to do is mask part of the lens so it doesn’t see the road. It helped I still get some but only a about 2 a night. I think when cars go past the light from the cars may set it off as there’s nothing else. But much better now plus I got hold of a different mounting bracket that can be adjusted 180 degrees that made a big difference.

What mounting brackets did you use to turn it 180 degrees?

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With the included mounting base you can install it in any orientation