Eufy cam 2 won’t pair with home base 2 - update

Hi, I have 2 “eufy cam” connected with homebase#1 with no problem, but today I’ve tried to connect to my new homebase#2 and it doesn’t work.
I’ve reseted homebase#2, reset the cameras, and still can’t pair it.
(Cameras fully charged)

I also have a “eufy cam 2c” connected to my homebase#2 with no problem… only the “eufy cam” had the problem.

Please any advice would be helpful


Did you remove it from home base 1 first before trying to connect to home base 2. Maybe try resetting the camera, I believe you just hold the sync button for 10 seconds.

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I’ve already reset the camera pressing the sync button for 15 second till bip twice… still didn’t work.

Also I’ve removed the camera from homebase 1

I wonder if both homebases are on when you try to pair. It may be getting a conflict to which base to pair it too. If so, I would turn off the one you do not want to use and pair the camera again. I believe you would need to have the camera close to pair it although I am fairly new to them as well.

Hi! Thanks for the response.
But i realize that the eufycam that i got is the eufycam1… the model is t8111… it supposed to be compatible with the homebase2…

(When I try to pair the eufycam1, I only have one homebase connected “homebase2”)

The Homebase 2 should be able to talk to any of the Eufycam models according to the data I have. If you are having trouble, send a note to and tell them exactly which hardware you have and that you are having trouble pairing the cams with Homebase 2. I think the level of tech support is a little higher via email than chat or phone call.

Also, make sure your homebase 2 has the latest firmware loaded.

Are you still able to reconnect to Homebase 1?

The thing I find when I removed a camera from my Homebase 2 or do a reset on the camera itself, it doesn’t appear to remove it permanently as when I reconnect it back to the Homebase, the videos it recorded previously before I remove it, is still there. Not sure whether this causes an issue when trying to pair it with another homebase as it may still recognised being linked to the old homebase.

I think the reason for your video still being on the old homebase is related to how they store the information, not that the camera is still linked to the old homebase. Homebases don’t communicate with each other.

If they use something like the serial number of the camera as the record key, then, when the old homebase sees the same serial number again, it then pairs any orphaned video clips left on the homebase with the new/old camera that’s being re-attached. It makes sense that you don’t want your video clips to go away if you remove and re-pair the camera to fix a problem.

I had a similar issue with pairing to a new homebase when I first got my system. Found that you needed to wait 24 hours after removing a device from the old Homebase before being allowed to pair with a new homebase. It might help in your case.