Eufy cam 2 defective audio stream

Hello.I have bought my Eufy 2 cam kit.I have succesfully installed Home Base, first camera and second camera.The first camera works flawlessly.The second one has a very poor audio quality stream - sound is unhearable, full of some electronic crackings, noise - video is perfect, Wi-Fi strenght is excellent - should I RMA it ? :sleepy:

If you came to that discovery when both devices were right next to each other (at the moment of unboxing or camera connecting to HB2 for example), then yes, you should.

You could try to remove both, add the bad one first to see if it makes a difference, but the chances seem slim.

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If you’re talking about the recorded events not having audio, and you’re using an Android, check the version number of the app on your phone. This was fixed in the last update to v2.1.2_708. If the problem is present when you watch that camera’s live view, then ignore this message.

Mine makes an obnoxious repeating and fluctuating sounds from my live feed on my phone. When I open the app and load live stream it’s fine. When a noise is detected it just starts a progressively louder distorted alarm type sound. It still picks up audio in the room but the live feed is drowned out by this loud noise prompted by sound.

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