Eufy battery video doorbell and black & white motion video recordings at night/how to get color night recordings

Good evening everyone!


One question about my new Eufy battery video doorbell regarding at night.

I have the following settings:
Auto Night Vision -> Enabled
Motion detection enabled with humans only selected and detection sensitivity in the middle (default)
Power Manager -> Optimal Surveillance
Video Quality -> Streaming quality -> Auto
WDR -> not enabled
Video Encoding Format -> High

I have the two Eufy 2c cameras as well. mounted on the outside of my house, one looking at our driveway, and the second one looking at our front door and front walk. Both of those record in color at night. The one camera looking at the from door and front walk is a just s few feet from the battery doorbell. So it should have’ about’ the same amount of ambient light in the area.

The battery video doorbell does work well, it detects me at night, records the motion event and gives me a motion detection notification on my iPhone lockscreen.

I am just trying to figure out if I can get it to record in color at night like my two other Eufy 2c cameras.

thanks in advance everyone!!


I placed a battery powered motion spot light (Mr. Beams, now owned by Amazon) a few feet outside my front door for my wife to see clearly when going for her early morning walks. The added benefit I found is that it gives off enough light that the doorbell camera changes to color after a second or two. Visitors that come to our door at night are also displayed in color. I think the Mr. Beams puts out about 200 lumens. Good luck.

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thanks for the tip @Charlie310!!

I used an led bulb in my porch light ($9 dusk to dawn) to light up the doorway, never needed the black and white night capture (which is inferior) because it always had enough light.

I turned off the auto night vision.


I found a nifty find troubleshooting a bit :grinning:

I turned off the ‘auto night vision’ on the doorbell settings. I already have two front door lights mounted on the house that cast a lot of light on the front of the house and steps, door etc.

With the ‘auto night vision’ off now it’ll record motion detection clips in color at night. Ha!

I’ll take it though!