Eufy battery powered doorbell live stream over 4G issues

Having issues with live stream over 4G (mobile data / LTE). Wifi local and wifi else where is absolutely fine.

My 4G reception is quite good. Tested at home and at work. Download rates are around 20-30mbps, upload around 6-9mbps.

Setup and connectivity:

  1. Doorbell is running off battery @96% charge
  2. Homebase is 1.5 meters away from the doorbell, so relay shouldnt be a problem.
  3. Homebase is using wifi via a wifi extender which is better than native wifi from router (strength is showing great). Have also tested via native wifi. Same results.
  4. Samsung a70 android phone, android v10 july 2020 security patch.No power saving mode on.
  5. No vpn mode on.
  6. No data restriction settings on.
  7. My internet is Virgin Media 100Mbps download i think 9mbps upload.

If i use Wifi, live stream works and quite quickly (local)
If i use wifi, live stream works and relatively fast (at work or at my parents).
If i use 4G its hit and miss for connecting. When i do connect it takes about 20 secs vs 5 secs over wifi (anywhere ive stated).
I have used another phones 4G over the same mobile provider (EE) but used that phone as a hot spot for my samsung so its seen as a wifi connection…and…its works the same as native wifi.

Its almost as if the app doesnt like 4G.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

@AnkerSupport can you please help. I have already sent an email but this post has more details.

I’d recommend that you try installing the app on a friend or family’s phone and test using their network/mobile provider. It could be that that its a network routing/lantancy issue.

You will be able to rule out your device e/network issue.

Don’t expect a reply from any eufy employees.

Yeah that was the next step. Wifes phone which is on Tesco Mobile (O2).

Will update. Also i like this forum, i can be annoying and vent out about my insignificant doorbell issues. Im so sad. I need to get a life.

Installed App on Motorola G8 same provider (EE). Works absolutely fine over 4G.

Trying to figure out why my Samsung is so shite at getting the live stream data.

Having the exact same issue. EUFY please help!

Could you guys test this problem with the previous version of the app?
My issue got solved when downgrading the android app, while support told me to get the device replaced!
The last app update significantly reduced the experience: live feed issues, playing back older videos takes a lot of time compared to the old version.

Try this version: v2.0.0_672

what fixed my issue was that my samsung device was trying to use ipv6 but my home network did not support ipv6 so it would not work.
got around the problem by creating a new APN which for samsung phones is under
settings/connections/mobile networks/access point names.

in there you will see the apn your mobile is using ,look for APN roaming Protocol if it says ipv4,ipv6 that was it.
I had to create a new apn with the settings i got off the internet for my provider.

I used these settings on my EE Samsung A70 which worked for me…

EE APN settings for Samsung Galaxy A70 - APN Settings UK (