Eufy battery powered doorbell downloaded footage

I have recently purchased the battery powered doorbell. I have no problem watching any recorded footage using Eufy app. The app has function to download any recorded footage on to your mobile. But sometimes the downloaded answered ring footages like get cropped to 1-3s length only.
Has anyone had the same issue?

Thank you.

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Same issue here. Footage is ~50 seconds long but after downloading 3 seconds is left.

Mine works as expected, full clip, I’m on iOS.

Yes I had that issue on iOS to start with, contacted support, but then strangely started downloading full clips no problems without seeming to do anything different (I didnt end up replying to support’s request for serial numbers etc for them to progress, so appeared to fix itself or something - maybe a update to the HB2 but who’d know, often no release notes)

Can you confirm that the previous recorded footage that downloaded incomplete now can be downloaded completely?
This issue does not happen to all my recorded footages.
I had provided my s/n and firmware version to support team and still waiting for their response.

Sorry for slow reply. I deleted the problem clips sorry and never tried to download them after the issue seemed to resolve.

We are having this same problem was it resolved by anyone or just a spontaneous resolve?