Eufy battery doorbell poor performance

I’ve got the Eufy battery doorbell and I’m getting shocking performance from it.

I actually have the camera on but with zero motion detection. That I leave to the Eufy cam e that overlooks .

So comforting it’s only ever in when the button is pressed I’m shocked by its performance

I’m charging it every 16 days say the statistics does this match others experiences ??

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@Perseus12 I have two Eufy battery doorbell cameras and both are horrible in regards to battery life! I have to charge them once a week, which is a joke. I’ll get less than 100 total events in a week and they will drop to 30% by Sunday. I might get 10 days if I’m lucky. This is no where near what they have stated the battery’s life should be. I wish they were like their other devices, because I own many of their battery cameras and do not the same issues. To say these are defective is a possibility…but it seems to be a more common issue.

It’s Sunday, so I’ll have to charge them today. He’s a screenshot of one of them to show you my dilemma…

Am I to assume you did not have a dumb wired doorbell before you got a Eufy battery doorbell? The reason why I ask is because I also have a eufy battery doorbell but I hooked it to the 2 wires of my dumb doorbell and I never have to charge it. Plus the dumb mechanical chime also works with it just like with the dumb doorbell. So I’m wondering what you had before the smart doorbell.
BTW, my T8210 battery doorbell system software version is
The settings that I have are:
Camera ON
LED light ON
Auto Night Vision ON
Motion Detection ON
Detection Type ALL MOTIONS
Sensitivity 3
Power Manager: Optimal Surveillance
Video Quality: WDR Enabled ON; Streaming Quality AUTO; Video Encoding Format LOW; Streaming to Alexa/Google Smart Displays SMART DISPLAY FIRST
And with those setting it catches everything. A great performer.

I have the video doorbell and have had no problems, especially not as bad as you. I have to charge mine every 4-5 months because it picks up a lot of motion (10-15 a day) I honestly think you should report this to customer service. @Perseus12 @Sobrevilla (Both of you) Or maybe doing a hard reset and waiting to see if that helps.

@Harry123 I had a regular wired ‘old school’ doorbell before. However, my house was built in 1972 and the wiring would not charge the smart battery. Rather than getting the wiring updated, I went with the battery doorbell option. I use my second doorbell battery camera next to a side gate, there are no wires in this spot.

I’m guessing you’re getting good performance because yours is connected to power. I believe our concern and complaints are for those using this as just a battery doorbell. Lasting 7-10 days before charging is not functional.

My doorbell camera is also a T8210, system software version is
Settings are:
Camera ON
LED light OFF
Auto Night Vision ON
Motion Detection ON
Detection Type HUMAN
Sensitivity 4
Power Manager: Optimal Surveillance

@Samthompsonreviews That’s good to know! Unfortunately, I believe I’m getting way more triggers than the app is showing. I believe this is the reason why it’s draining so quickly.

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On the issue of wiring: The wires that my dumb doorbell had are of extremely small diameter. I’m talking tiny. And my dumb doorbell transformer is only the 16v 10VA variety, not the 16V 30VA that the Eufy wired doorbell requires. And that 16V 10VA transformer is enough to charge the batteries and also make the old mechanical chime work. My point is if you check your transformer and is 16V 10VA, your current house wiring should be just fine. And if it is lower than 16V 10VA, maybe just changing the transformer and leaving the old wires as they are, should be enough.

@Harry123 I can give it look in regards to the transformer and see if I can get the old unit updated. However, this does not address that this device was designed to operate as a stand alone battery unit as well…and that’s where I’m having issues. I get that it works great when it’s wired. But that wouldn’t solve my gate door where I attached my second doorbell camera (no power or wiring nearby).

I believe my issue is that it triggers (turns on) way more than the app is reporting and is the reason why it depletes the battery much quicker. If I lower the motion settings then it won’t catch anything until the object is 2 feet away, which will not work. In the meanwhile, I just charge it once a week. But I think the next route is to report it to Eufy and see if I can get some diagnostics checked out to identify the real cause. Either way it’s good to get feedback from others on their doorbell cameras and how they are setup (wired or battery operated). Helps me determine what to expect and how to move forward. Thanks!

I’m having trouble with mine at night when needed most after around 10pm uk time it doesn’t catch any movements

The screenshot shows one of you using "Optimal Surveillance"for motion detection and recording length. That option uses the most power. I don’t get 6 months, but I get 2 or 3 months using battery power (no doorbell wiring available). I set it for “Human” motion detection with some modest limiting of what portion of the view is used for detection. I also use custom setting, limiting recording time and letting it stop recording early if motion stops. I get maybe 4-15 detections per day. These are valid human motion detections. It seems to catch 100%