Eufy battery doorbell motion zone functionality

So I’ve been checking power manager to see how my battery doorbell is holding up and I have A LOT of detected events for 5 days of use (555 events/523 filtered by AI). I live on a corner lot, so I’ve got cars going by quite frequently and people walking on sidewalks. I am mounted without the 15 degree plate as I didn’t see a benefit for my mounting location.

My settings are: optimal surveillance, LED light off, motion detection human only, sensitivity 4. I think the biggest thing is my motion zones which you can see attached. In order to capture anyone coming head on, I have to have a good chunk of the street included, which may be a contribution. Alternatively, is my best option to switch to detection type all motions and then move my motion zone to the red lines so whenever anyone passes that line it should trigger the doorbell? My guess is the sidewalk and road are causing a lot of detected events.

Any thoughts on improving my motion zone efficiency to help my battery life?

I think needs to be smaller. Away from the road but even then I still got a lot of false detection events still. Don’t think there much can do until they come up with an update.

Could alway try to switch on all motion and see what it is picking up and where and adjust. Was thinking about doing but decided not to. So not sure if this will work or not.

I basically need more dots to define my motion zone more, possibly a second motion zone, or an ignore zone so I can ignore the parts of the road not in front of my house door.