Eufy Battery Doorbell Chime?

So I am very interested in purchasing the Eufy Video Doorbell (Battery Operated), but as it is currently the Eufy Chime ONLY works with the Eufy Video Doorbell Wired Version to my understating? I do not want to configure an Amazon Dot as a Chime, and I have an existing Eufy Base Station positioned in a room in which I will not hear the Chime of the Doorbell either, and have no existing hardwired doorbell chime in the home either. So I would prefer a Eufy Chine that is compatible with the Battery Version of your Doorbell.

Is this something that is in the works? I would love to switch from my Ring Video Doorbell 2 w/Chime to the Eufy, but without the Chime, I would not be able to.


You can connect the homebase over wifi and position it where you can hear the chime.

Right, but I can’t do this as I really cannot move my base station from where it is now, so that is why I’m asking if Eufy will have a Chime that will work with the Battery Powered Doorbell.


In my use case, homebase is at a spot for not just my door bell, but for other cameras to connect. Moving it out of its location will mess up camera reception.

It would be nice for a remote chime that I can plug to an outlet near my swimming pool and be able to hear this while I’m out in my backyard.


I agree with you on this, why not the chime works with both the video doorbell systems?
@Ankersupport @Mengdi can you pass this to your team?


I actually got the doorbell bundle with a second HomeBase due to a longer house. I have the chime on that HomeBase where I will hear it and where it also maintains a strong enough connection to the doorbell. Be carefuel because if the current HomeBase is too far away to hear (likely another room) you want to make sure the signal to your new doorbell won’t be too faint as well.

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Right, this makes sense. I just don’t understand Eufy having a separate plug-in wireless Chime that is only compatible with the wired version of the Doorbell? Why not make the Chime compatible with both versions, as Ring does offer this. It is great to have a second HomeBase 2, and trust me it is so very nice that the HomeBase 2 is wireless and can be placed anywhere, but to have a smaller footprint in the wireless Chime Eufy offers seems to be such a better option to just pick up and move about, and place in really any location around your home. Just make it compatible with the Battery Operated Doorbell please Eufy!


I’m in the same position, the Homebase 2 is located central to the house in order to connect multiple cameras but it’ll also in close proximity to baby’s room, so I don’t want the Homebase to be the chime, would love to have some other plug in device to act as the chime. Until there’s some other solution I don’t think I can go with the eufy doorbell, which is a shame because it’s be nice to have all my devices under the same brand

If you’re replacing Ring like I did then for Eufy, you’ll need to have wires that cna power it. Eufy’s battery performance is terrible on Ring equivalent settings unless you like where there won’t ever be any motion.